1h 30min

Cabbage Dyed Easter Eggs

For the Dye
1/2Purple Cabbage
1-2 tbspVinegar

Slice up your purple cabbage and place in a pot of your choice. The cabbage should cover at least 1/2 of the pot. Fill the water up to the brim of the pot and cover. 

Simmer for 30 minutes, then let cool with the cabbage in the water for 1 hour

Remove the cabbage and store the dyed water, covered, in the fridge. I usually prepare this the day before I dye the eggs.

Before dyeing your eggs, add 1-2 tbsp of vinegar to the mixture. Add boiled white eggs (11 minutes in boiling water, from the fridge) in the water for about 20 minutes to get a robin egg blue colour. 

* If you wish to dye brown eggs, let them stay in the water for 1 hour. They will turn a darker blue-green colour rather than a light blue. Still very pretty! 

* To remove stamps from your eggs, rub a bit of vinegar with a paper towel on the stamps to lighten them before boiling. The stamps don't have to come off all the way, boiling them will remove them entirely. 

* These eggs were dyed using cabbage, then spritzed with gold, white and black food dye with a toothbrush.