Maria's Tasty Quesadillas

For the Spicy Chicken
200g Chicken Thighs
1 tspPaprika
1 tspGround Cumin
1 tspGround Coriander
1 tspHot Pepper Flakes
To taste Salt
To tastePepper
For the Salsa
300gCherry Tomatoes, sliced
1/2White Onion, chopped finely
HandfulFresh Coriander, chopped finely
To tasteLime Juice
To tasteSalt
For the Quesadilla Fillings
50 gFrozen Peas
50 gFrozen Corn
75 gCheese, grated

First, prepare the spicy chicken by chopping the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Then coat the chicken with the spices and fry them on a hot skillet with a bit of oil. Let cool. 

Meanwhile, throw together the salsa ingredients and season with salt to taste. Set aside. 

Prepare the rest of the quesadilla fillings by covering the frozen peas and corn with boiling water from the kettle to thaw them. This takes about 3 minutes. Or use fresh peas and corn.

To assemble - oil one side of the tortilla wrap and turn it over on a plate, oiled side facing the plate. Put down a bit of cheese, spicy chicken and the veggies on one side of the tortilla. Fold the side with no fillings over and place the filled quesadilla on a hot pan. Turn it over when the cheese gets a little melty, this should take around 2 minutes. Heat the other side for another 2 minutes. Remove from heat and cut into 3 triangular slices. Repeat 5 times with the remaining tortilla rounds. 

Put some salsa on the quesadillas to serve

Note: Not an authentic recipe! You can also create non folded quesadillas by putting one tortilla on another without folding. This is harder to flip but it takes less time to prepare all of the quesadillas. 

Photo by Krzysztof Puszczyński